For the most part, we don’t notice the bread that our sandwich is made with, unless it is really bad or really, really GOOD!

In either case we rarely, if ever, see where the bread comes from nor are we party to the details of how it’s made.

Bread is a simple recipe, flour, water, salt, and a some form of leavening usually commercial yeast. It is amazing how small variations in recipe, mixing, shaping and baking methods can yield entirely different flavors and textures.

The Bread Lab has been baking artisan breads for a variety of wholesale customers for 20 years. We are renowned for our sandwich breads best known for their strong crusts, soft and elastic interiors, and well-developed flavors. All of our loaves are hand formed, NEVER touched by the machines that often rob an otherwise perfect loaf of it’s character and baked in steam-injected ovens. We use natural leavening, a fermented mixture of flour and water known as Biga in the European culture that spawned many of our recipes. We also take great pride in using only all-natural unbleached and unbromated flour.

In our new home at Hope Artise Village, The Bread Lab will take the mystery out of the baking process by moving our bakery into the front of the house. 24 hours a day, 6 days a week, our bread will be mixed, formed, leavened and baked in full view of our dining room where you can see – and SMELL – the beauty that is created by The Bread Lab and enjoy it in many of our menu items.

What is a bakery without sweet treats? In addition to our artisan breads, The Bread Lab will feature a line of favorite sweet treats, kept simple and pure. We will feature perennial must-have’s like chocolate chip cookies, carrot cupcakes, and Italian cannoli. Each week and rotating seasonally we willfeature tarts, bread puddings, cupcakes and cannoli inspired by the bounty of the season. Check back frequently and sample the results of the weekly “experiments” by our bakers, often inspired by the flavors of the Farmer’s Market.

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